Jendusa-Nicolai has earned support

It is my honor and pleasure to support and endorse Teri Jendusa-Nicolai for Waterford Town Board Supervisor. Teri has acquired a great deal of experience dealing with local, county and state legislation while being an advocate for the rights of domestic violence victims. Teri has gained the respect and admiration […]


Small city, big provider find mutual ground

By Ed Nadolski Editor in Chief When word leaked out in November 2012 that Aurora Health Care planned to close the obstetrics department at Memorial Hospital of Burlington, few people saw it as anything more than a public relations nightmare for the state’s largest health care provider. Fourteen months later, […]


LETTER: Sometimes actions speak louder than words

I’d like to comment on several of the very interesting letters that I’ve read recently. According to some, Mr. Anderson is their hero because he saved us $1.7 million or 24 percent on health care insurance this last time.  But he could have saved more by fully implementing the tools […]


LETTER: Beware of who you vote for in School Board race

                  A community is known by its school system. Quality public education is crucial to the growth and success of that community. Burlington can be proud of the fine reputation our schools have enjoyed for many years. If that reputation suffers, so does Burlington and right now, that good reputation […]


PERSPECTIVE: Ice encrusted devastation at fire scene must give way to hope

A rainbow appears over Echo Lake Foods Thursday morning as firefighters continue to spray water on the food processing plan destroyed by a blaze that began Wednesday evening (Photo by Ed Nadolski)

Rainbow brings a bright harbinger to otherwise dismal aftermath By Ed Nadolski Editor in Chief Left in the wake of a more than 15-hour battle against an eight-alarm fire at Echo Lake Foods Thursday was an eerie scene of devastation – blackened metal support beams heavily hung with icicles. These […]


LETTER: Parents say school officials treated daughter harshly

As the parents of the student referenced in the recent Standard Press articles regarding the rumored threat at Burlington High School we felt that more details are needed about the situation and how it was handled. We think the district failed to mention important information leading up to the posting […]


From the superintendent’s desk: A brief history of Waterford special education

By Keith Brandstetter Superintendent Waterford Union High School       In the past month and a half, there has been much discussion regarding the operation of special education in the Waterford Area Schools. I would like to provide a brief history of special education to the Waterford area.       In 1975, […]


LETTER: Educate yourself on ‘Obamacare’ before casting your vote

Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, it is imperative that we cast our votes with an educated mind. This is particularly important when we consider where the candidates stand on the Affordable Care Act.  Love it or hate it, this legislation will have a profound effect on the way we […]


LETTER: Take a break Republicans

Prior to the two Bush Administrations, the Middle East was for the most part quiet and relatively peaceful.  Iran and Iraq would occasionally feud, but their power was in balance. After Bush senior attacked Iraq, situations changed, and after Bush junior went to war with Iraq, the balance of power […]


LETTER: Romney is the cure for what ails our health care

Recently we’ve heard about Obamacare and the war on women. We’ve focused on Sandra Fluke’s desire for cheaper and more available birth control. We’ve heard about 10,000 annual deaths to gun violence and the 40,000 lost annually to breast cancer. It’s everywhere. We’ve heard nothing about the 50,000 lost annually […]


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