EDITORIAL: Monday’s meeting is about education in Burlington, not politics in Wisconsin

                  Stripped of all its attendant finger pointing, conspiracy theories and rhetoric, the Burlington Area School District’s levy debate boils down to one thing:                   The value school district residents place on education in light of current economic conditions.                   The challenge is to find the point at which the […]


OPINION: District’s actions show disregard for taxpayers

By Roger Koldeway Contributor                   I encourage all taxpayers in the Burlington Area School District to attend the special meeting of the School Board at the Burlington High School Gym on Monday, Oct. 31 at 7:30 p.m.                   A vote will take place to request that the school tax remain […]


OPINION: Step up to save district from harmful forces

By Sean Cranley Contributor                   Greetings residents and friends of the Burlington Area School District, we have a frightful emergency.                   Our public schools are under a coordinated attack from a Tea Party (TP) group in the form of WeVoteBurlington (WVB). The outcome of the first battle in this attack […]


Letter: Local students are certainly worth a nickel more per day

                  Gov. Scott Walker cut school funding in Wisconsin by $900 million.  He also submitted a proposal that required school districts to reduce their property tax authority by $550 per pupil.                   This put an extraordinary burden on school districts.  The Burlington Area School District made large cuts in their […]


Letter: BASD leaves potential insurance cost savings on the table

                  Prior to July 1, 2011, the Burlington Area School District offered employees health insurance through Wisconsin Education Association Trust.                   This was one of many plans offered by the state’s group insurance board. BASD selected a new health care plan effective July 1 through the Business Health Care Group […]


In my opinion: BASD could have done more to avoid levy hike

By Bob Lemken   Contributor                   As a Burlington citizen and Wisconsin taxpayer, it is with great interest that I have been following the actions and decisions of the Burlington Area School District as reported in the Burlington Standard Press and the comments offered by several concerned local residents in […]


COLUMN: Tragedy thrusts local journalist into the ‘other’ side of the news

COLUMN: Tragedy thrusts local journalist into the ‘other’ side of the news

Mark Dudzik would hate – absolutely detest – the fact his name is appearing on this newspaper website any place other than the byline. Journalists should report and write the news and then get the hell out of the way, he would say. He is old school – ask the […]


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