By Jennifer Eisenbart


For Jordan Debbink, his venture into the world of self-publishing began with a passion of his – conservative, Christian politicians.

“It was incredibly comfortable,” said Debbink, whose book, “Heroes of Faith: The Governors” became available this summer. The book is listed on, and he recently had a book opening celebration at Chocolate Expressions in Burlington.

Debbink became active in politics in 2008, and the book is the result of four years of research on six governors: Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, Texas’ Rick Perry, South Carolina’s Nikki Haley, Oklahoma’s Mary Fallin, Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal and Arizona’s Jan Brewer.

“These are individuals who excited me,” said Debbink, who found those governors met with his conservative values and ideas. He said they tackled issues with faith-based ideals.

“It was exciting to think, ‘no one’s written about them yet.’”

The book was officially released June 18, and listed on the following week.

To date, Debbink estimates he’s sold about 50-70 copies on his own, but won’t know his online sales until the end of the quarter.

He also has gotten feedback from Walker, Perry and Fallin.

“With Walker, I actually met with him,” Debbink said. “I haven’t had any follow up with him yet.”

Now that he is published, Debbink is interested in writing more books. He has a project in the works.

“I think I’ll continue it,” “Anyone can write a book. I think there are things I’m impassioned by that I think other people will be as well.”

At 24, Debbink is a Burlington native, and is the director of Life Choices, a crisis pregnancy center in Burlington. He also works at Shepherd’s College in Union Grove.