By Jennifer Eisenbart


By a 6-1 vote Monday night, the Burlington Area School District School Board approved the placement of a foreign exchange student at Burlington High School.

The approval of the student – who is from Croatia – needed special approval because she is working through the International Student Exchange. District policy states that only students from AFS or Rotary can be automatically approved.

The lone nay vote came from Rosanne Hahn.

Last month, the board heard a plea from ISE staff to place the student. Both BHS Principal Eric Burling and BASD Superintendent Peter Smet had originally denied the request, because policy stated it needed to go before the board.

A student from Croatia had an approved host family, but because the agency had not previously placed students in BHS, the board wanted time to look at references.

Smet said Monday that of the seven schools he contacted, six replied – with all six reviews coming back positively.

“The school people all said (ISE) did what they said they’d do,” said Smet, “and have a fine reputation with that organization.

With that approval, the board voted to allow the student into the school. BHS Principal Eric Burling, when asked, said that the school would make the late placement work.