By Jennifer Eisenbart


Looking at putting a large-scale water softener into place to remove radium and strontium, from the municipal water supply, the City of Burlington Common Council approved a consulting agreement with Doug Snyder of Baxter and Woodman Tuesday night.

The contract with the city is for the firm to submit treatment plans for Well No. 11 to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The city needs to put a plan into place in order to bring the well back into use this year.

The council also discussed entering into a design contract with Baxter and Woodman for the water softener system. That contract, not to exceed $78,000, is set to be voted on June 7.


Other council news

The council discussed several items that will also be on the June 7 voting agenda, including continuing with Zarek Insurance to provide insurance to the city, an airport hangar lease with the Burlington Development Group, and financing with Ehlers and Associates to apply for a loan from the Safe Drinking Water Fund to cover the cost of the Well No. 11 improvements.

The city also discussed replacing a squad car for the police department – a replacement that was delayed last year in order to see how long the vehicle could last.

The planned replacement cost is $29,641 through Miller Motors, but the department recently had to perform about $2,000 in repairs to the current squad car.