By Jennifer Eisenbart


The Town of Waterford is holding its 2017 tax levy about even, with most taxpayers not expected to see a tax increase.

The Town Board approved the 2017 budget and tax levy at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The general property tax levy approved Tuesday night was $2.02 million, up slightly about $66,000 from last year.

That translated to a mill rate increase from $2.62 per $1,000 of property value to $2.68 this coming year.

Town Clerk Tina Mayer said that equalized property value across the town is up, and that the Town Board did a good job of balancing the budget this year.

“The average $200,000 home, the town’s portion of the taxes will increase $14,” Mayer said.

Mayer said Tuesday night’s meeting lasted about 10 minutes, and had just six attendees (not including the town board).

“I think that people just know they’ve elected the right people to do that job,” Mayer said. “I would hope everybody’s happy.”

Town Chairman Tom Hincz said the most important fact he wanted out there was that they balanced the budget.

“Our debt is debt than what we have in reserve,” he added. “Within a year, (we) hope to be debt-free.

“That’s what the board is wanting to be also.”