By Dave Fidlin



After months of discussion and several overtures to solicit public feedback, Village of Waterford officials are moving forward on plans linked to the oft-discussed River East shoreline project along the Fox River embankment.


At two recent meetings — Nov. 28 and Dec. 12 — the Village Board voted on a series of final design plans for the project, many relating to which plantings will be placed within the impacted area, which includes North 1st, South 2nd and Elizabeth streets.


As part of its recent motion, the board approved a plan to place improved screening along the Station 1 parking lot and removing such existing infrastructure features as a bump-out from the public lot.


Members of the village’s Public Works and Utilities Committee recently recommended a number of plantings, including heavy metal switch grass, in several areas and such tree species as evergreens or other tall trees or shrubs.


“It has also been recommended that the swamp white oak that has acorns be replaced with a tree that does not bear or drop fruit because of possible vehicle damage in future years as the tree matures,” Village Administrator Rebecca Ewald said. “This tree is located around the Station 1 parking lot.”


The board’s recent motions came on the heels of several other directives, including one in September that called for using riprap along the northern shoreline to help remedy some of the structural embankment issues.


While the riprap was approved in concept early this fall, the board on Dec. 12 approved a cost capped at $29,000 for that specific component of the project.