By Jennifer Eisenbart


The cost of cleaning up after the last two weekend snowstorms has added up for the City of Burlington.

According to Director of Public Works Jim Bergles, the cost of the two cleanup efforts was more than $22,000 the first weekend and $38,000 this past weekend when taking into account staffing, vehicle costs and salt.

“We utilized everyone we had to plow the streets,” Bergles said, adding that both storms were long and required multiple plowing runs.

Bergles also went out of his way to explain that snowplow driver do not, in spite of popular myth, enjoy plowing in driveways. He added that no matter how well a homeowner clears the end of the driveway, snow will end up there when a street is plowed.

“It’s not done on purpose,” Bergles said.


Refuse contract

The city is considering extending its contract with John’s Disposal.

The company will offer the city an 18-cents per household discount for 2017 if the city will extend the contract for four years beyond that. There would be a cost-of-living increase the following years, but if it exceeds 2.65 percent, the city would be able to seek other bids.

There were no objections raised, but Alderman Jon Schultz asked the city to consider a weekly recycling pickup, as people are recycling more than they are throwing out these days.

John’s owner John Jongetjes said that could be done for less than a dollar a month, and aldermen directed city staff to explore that option.


Other news

The council officially approved changes to various city codes to bring wording up to date for plumbing, electrical licenses, fences and building construction.

The council also discussed the changes being proposed for garbage receptacles for downtown residences and businesses.