By Jennifer Eisenbart


This year, the winning lies for the Burlington Liars Club had a decidedly Wisconsin feel.

The winner and all three runners-up are from Wisconsin, with three of the four from the immediate area.

The winning lie? A whopper about fancy hotels and big beds.

“Grandpa went to a big fancy hotel for the first time in his life, he said the bed was so big he had to use his GPS to find Grandma!”

That came from Ed Gillmore of Bristol.

Dennis Tully, the president of the Liars Club, said the club received about 130 lies entered in the annual contest.

“We had them from about 17 different states,” Tully said. “The majority from Wisconsin, and upper Illinois.

“We had a lot of fun picking those out,” he added. “It’s fun looking through those and finding out what people think is clever.”

The contest has been in existence for close to 80 years, Tully said.

The runners-up, in no particular order:

“The parking lot of the coffee shop I go to has pot holes so big they have to put no fishing signs up when it rains.”

– Dale Wheelock, Delavan

“My friend’s credit is so bad, nobody will even take his cash.”

– Neil Everts, New London

“I went fishing this summer and dropped my cell phone in the lake. The next day, I got a selfie of a 16-inch walleye!”

– Tom Uhen, Burlington