Teachers union seeks an additional 1.76%

By Alex Johnson


The Burlington Area School District School Board Personnel Committee and the Burlington Education Association met Sept. 25 to discuss and exchange proposals regarding base wages for the current school year.

After exchanging proposals, the meeting moved into a closed session, per the Burlington Education Association, although no action was taken and further discussion will take place at a later time.

“Since Act 10, the negotiation process has changed,” said Superintendent Peter Smet.

Within the proposals submitted by both the school district and the teachers union are items regarding base pay.

The agreements made will be effective retroactive July 1 and “continue in full force and effect” until June 30, 2018.

The school district has proposed a 1.26 percent increase to base wage, reflective of the Burlington Education Association’s proposal that “increases each bargaining unit member’s salary by 1.26 percent effective July 1.”

In addition, the Burlington Education Association proposed base wages being defined as “the actual amount paid to each bargaining unit member’s salary for the 2016-17 school year.”

Items proposed by the Burlington Education Association under the meet and confer section included a supplemental pay increase of 1.74 percent, that when combined with the 1.26 proposed increase, would “result in a 3 percent increase in the employee’s individual annual salary.”

The second and final item under the association’s meet and confer items included an increase of the amount paid to those who opt out of health insurance, which would result in a cash payout.