By Dave Fidlin


A Union Grove panel has approved a local bank’s planned modifications, so long as state and federal authorities give the same approval.

Community State Bank, a 114-year-old financial institution, has proposed the first of several modifications to its corporate headquarters at 1500 Main St. In the company’s first round of tweaks, the bank’s drive through is being reconfigured.

“ATM traffic and drive through traffic is diminishing,” Paul Weaver, a bank representative working on the project, said of the rationale behind the planned changes.

Weaver, who came before the village Plan Commission on Nov. 6, works with Mequon-based Project 4 Services LLC, which is handling the project’s logistics.

As part of its plans, Community State Bank is planning a revamped drive through layout that would alter how traffic flows in and out of the financial institution’s property.

Three lanes are included in the plans, as is a canopy. Some of the bank’s existing parking spaces also will be absorbed to accommodate the addition within the canopy. Preliminary plans call for the loss of 13 parking spaces.

The bank, however, has the dubious distinction of being situated smack dab at the intersection of state and federal thoroughfares — highways 11 and 45, respectively. For this reason, representatives of both authorities will have to review and ultimately sign off on plans.

While Community State Bank officials have asserted drive through traffic is on the downswing, commissioners have expressed tentative reservations in how the changes would impact vehicular patterns, particularly in peak times in the morning and afternoon on weekdays.

“I’m just concerned with the safety aspect,” commissioner Owen Lackey said.

In the road ahead, Weaver said Community State Bank has a number of improvements planned. He described it as “a significant remodeling project.”

“It’s part of a bigger process that is going to allow the bank to be more efficient,” Weaver said.