By Dave Fidlin


The murkiness concerning a possible future drawdown of Tichigan Lake reached a boiling point on a few occasions during a discussion of the topic at a Waterford Village Board meeting this week.

Village officials considered following in the footsteps of their town counterparts by adopting a resolution opposing any such drawdown, which also could include the Waterford impoundment of the Fox River.

The board, however, opted to table the issue until a Feb. 26 meeting on the premise WWMD officials will be reporting back with more details.

The prospect of a drawdown has swirled in recent years as WWMD, which serves as a governing body for riparian owners, has looked at ways of managing aquatic plants. The drawdown has been viewed as a way of targeting several species, including an invasive weed known as Eurasian Milfoil.

Brent Hess, who was elected trustee in a special race last month, said he is adamantly opposed to any such drawdown as he discussed his concerns at the board’s Nov. 27 meeting. Hess has been serving as the village’s official liaison at WWMD meetings.

“I have a passion for this waterway,” Hess said as he expressed concerns over what he considered adverse impacts from a drawdown. “I’m out there all the time.”

If the drawdown were to take place — perhaps as soon as a year from now, during the 2018-19 winter season — Hess said he feared a number of unintended consequences could result, including a sharp reduction in the fish population.

“It’s a short-term solution to a long-term problem,” Hess said of the drawdown. “It will be a never-ending battle. We’ll never enjoy the fishing we have today.”

Mike Waghorn, who serves on the WWMD board, addressed the board and emphasized no firm decisions on a 2018-19 drawdown have been made. Speaking for himself, Waghorn said he remains convinced a drawdown would be a means of addressing aquatic management.

“What I do have a desire to do is improve navigation and use as many techniques that are available to us,” Waghorn said.

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