By Dave Fidlin


Washington-Caldwell and other nearby school districts will not pursue a joint health insurance cooperative — at least not any time soon, based on information shared at a meeting this week.

District Administrator and Principal Jill Saltzmann has been providing the School Board with monthly updates on a potential area health insurance investigation proposal. The issue bubbled to the surface at a time when districts have been grappling with financial constraints.

At Washington-Caldwell’s meeting Dec. 18, Saltzmann confirmed the pursuit of joint health insurance plan has been put on the backburner.

“It’s decided that we’re going to let it rest,” Saltzmann said about the conversations she has had with some of her area counterparts. “No one has jumped up and down about this, so it’s a done deal right now.”

To read the full story and learn about other business handled by the School Board Dec. 18, see the Dec. 22 edition of the Waterford Post.