By Dave Fidlin


School officials in the Waterford Graded district have minted a 2018-19 calendar that closely mimics plans assembled at Waterford Union High School and other area K-8 feeder districts.

The WGSD School Board on Jan. 29 approved the calendar after months of review and collaboration with nearby districts.

This fall, classes at each of WGSD’s four schools will begin Sept. 4 — the day after Labor Day — and will wrap June 6, 2019. Winter break will stretch across nine days — from Dec. 24 to Jan. 1, 2019.

The district also is taking a page out of the playbook in neighboring districts and changing its approach to spring break. In the upcoming school year, WGSD will not hold spring break around Easter because it falls on April 21. Instead, the recess will occur from March 25 to 29.

Other notable dates include parent-teacher conferences, which will be held over a two-day stretch on Oct. 24 and 25.

The calendar in its entirety is built around 175 days of instruction, with each of the four quarters consisting of 42 to 46 days.

Teachers are contracted to work a total of 186 days throughout the school year. The mandated 11 days of non-instruction take into account such factors as in-service and professional development days.

Prior to approving the calendar at this week’s meeting, School Board members asked District Administrator Ed Brzinski how closely the document matches up to the one approved several months ago at Waterford Union High School.

“It’s as close as it can be,” Brzinski said, in response. “We try to match up as many of the days as we can.”

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