Burlington Area School District Director of Buildings and Grounds Daniel Bocock shows Superintendent Peter Smet (right) and School Board member Kevin Bird water damage in a room at Karcher Middle School. (Photo by Alex Johnson)

Repairs will be delayed until referendum is set

By Alex Johnson


School Board members on Monday got a firsthand look at damage to Karcher Middle School from a leaking steam pipe.

Soon after the leak was discovered in December mold began to set in, causing school district officials to close off some of the rooms, which were subsequently torn apart to see the extent of the damage.

Six rooms in total were found to have water damage from the steam leak, according to Director of Buildings and Grounds Daniel Bocock.

“After we first discovered the steam leak, we fixed the steam leak, and then we fixed all the mold, all the water remediation from the floors. (We) had to tear up a lot more of the rooms than we expected,” Bocock said. “We did a bunch of different testing. The insurance company wanted us to test for mold in all the different areas of the building.”

According to a statement of loss provided by Chubb Insurance, the district will receive $97,000 to repair the damage.

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