Two drug users died, the other was revived

By Ed Nadolski

Editor in Chief

Any notion the Burlington area is somehow immune to the heroin and opioid crisis that has the nation in a death grip was dispelled in the span of five days recently.

City of Burlington police and emergency crews responded to three opioid-related overdoses between March 27 and April 1 – two of them resulting in deaths, according to Police Chief Mark Anderson.

“For there to be three in such a short period of time is alarming and concerning,” Anderson said.

But, he added, Burlington is no different than cities across the nation.

“The stories coming out of this department are similar to agencies that serve 5,000 or 5 million,” Anderson said. “When we’re involved, it’s because someone is dead or dying.”

The culprit, he said, are increasingly strong opioids that have enticed a new generation of addicts and outstripped society’s ability to deal with the threat.

“You ask yourself as a community – What can you do to provide the education and resources?”

To read the full story, including the details of the incidents, see the April 12 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.