Local man is already convicted of same charge in Kenosha County

By Jason Arndt

Staff Writer

Although Douglas Richmond did not enter a formal plea as originally scheduled on April 30, the 42-year-old former teacher convicted of having sex with a student in Kenosha County could face a similar fate in Racine County Circuit Court.

Douglas Richmond

Richmond, of Burlington, was sentenced to three years in prison for his crimes in Kenosha County Circuit Court on April 10. He was en route to the Wisconsin State Prison system when Racine County officials planned to revisit the joint plea/sentencing hearing on May 1.

The joint plea/sentencing hearing was scheduled because Richmond had a relatively fresh pre-sentence investigation written by Kenosha County officials.

“He just had a PSI written for almost the exact same thing from Kenosha,” Racine County Deputy District Attorney Maureen Martinez said on Tuesday. “(Richmond) was agreeing to allow us to use that PSI that he got sentenced on.”

After the prosecution and defense agreed to the joint plea/sentencing hearing on April 30, Martinez contacted both of Richmond’s victims about the hearing, and learned one wanted to make an appearance.

To ensure victim rights compliance, prosecutors decided to postpone the hearing to allow the victim to attend the hearing, according to Martinez.

To read the entire story, including details of the crimes contained in the criminal complaints, see the May 3 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.