Two people from Waterford are charged with felonies for allegedly beating a man until he was left motionless on the floor at a Waterford bar last month.

Michael Lee Heinowski, 44, was charged May 29 in Racine County Circuit Court with substantial battery and disorderly conduct, both as a repeater. He was bound over for trial during a preliminary hearing on June 6.

Sarah Margaret Favell, 38, was charged June 1 with substantial battery as party to a crime and disorderly conduct. A preliminary hearing in her case is scheduled for June 28.

According to the criminal complaint, Heinowski and Favell punched and kicked a man May 27 at the Rail Stop Bar in Waterford.

The man, who suffered broken ribs and optical bones in his right eye and a damaged sinus track, said Heinowski, the bartender’s husband, punched him in the face multiple times, kicked him in the head and ribs as he tried to leave the bar and pulled him back into the bar when he tried to escape, according to the complaint.

Police spoke to Heinownski’s wife, the bar owner, who declined to speak with officers or show surveillance video of the incident, according to the complaint. Police then spoke to Favell, who said the man struck her and then she and Heinowski began hitting him, according to the complaint.

Police then spoke to Heinowski, who said the man was making comments toward Favell, and he and the man punched each other a few times. Heinowski then allowed police to view surveillance video, which showed the man and Heinowski having drinks together when Favell arrives and sits between them, according to the complaint. Favell can be seen on the video striking the man in the face, and Heinowski joins in and begins to punch the man. The man is held against the pool table while Heinowski and Favell punch him in the face, according to the complaint. Favell can be seen throwing chairs at the man on stomping on his head as he lies motionless on the ground, according to the complaint. The man then tried to leave the bar, was pulled back in, and Favell and Heinowski continued punching him. The man can be seen lying motionless on the ground until Favell pours a pot of water on him and he leaves the bar, according to the complaint.

The fight lasted 20 minutes, according to the surveillance video’s clock.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated from a previous version to include the charges against Sarah Favell.