The Burlington softball team poses with its state runner up trophy June 9 in Madison. (Rick Benavides/SLN)


Bridi Allen

Softball is: where I am happy and get to spend time with my friends

We made it to state because: we have all the necessary elements of a good team, and we loved playing together so much we didn’t want it to end

Favorite song: “Hey, Soul Sister” by Train

Favorite movie: “Monsters, Inc”

Pregame food: pistachios

What I will remember most: the bus rides at state.

If I could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, it would be: my youngest sister because I love her with all my heart and she is such a good kid


Rachel Sanchez

Softball is: one of the funnest things in my life.

We made it to state because: our team chemistry carried us all the way there.

Favorite song: “Why Don’t We Just Dance” by Josh Turner.

Favorite movie: “The Longest Ride.”

Food ritual: peanut butter granola bars.

Remember about state: everyone singing together on the bus rides around.

Dinner: Andrew McCutcheon, because he’s my favorite baseball player.



Kya Kafar

Softball is: a great competitive game that made a huge impact on who I am today.

We made state because: we bonded well and we knew how to work together.

Favorite song: “Hey Soul Sister”, Train

Favorite movie: “Jumanji”

Pre/post game food ritual: pistachios

The one thing I remember most about state: I remember cutting off 10 inches of Bridi’s hair because of a bet

Dinner: I would pick my little sister because I want to spend as much time as I can with her before I leave for college.


Hannah Ketterhagen

Softball is: a sport I’ve grown up with that I’ve learned from and made lifelong friends.

We made it to state because: we all believed in each other.

Favorite song: “Rockabye” by Clean Bandit

Favorite movie: any 90s rom-com

Pre-game ritual: water

Remember about state: singing “Hey Soul Sister” before every game.

Dinner: Margaret Thatcher, because she was a woman of honor, who paved a new way for many people, no matter the cost.


Caitlyn Matson

Softball is: great.

We made it to state because: of how well our team clicked, we all fit to make a perfect puzzle.

Song: “I Do” by Cardi B and SZA

Movie: “Beauty and the Beast”

Food ritual: anything I can find and eat

The one thing I will remember the most about state is: how much fun we had and the relationships we created as a team.

Dinner: Javy Baez, because he is my favorite baseball player.



Sophia Gonzalez

Softball is: amazing.

We made it to state because: our team has great chemistry and we gel together well.

Song: “Speechless” by Dan and Shay

Movie: “The Lion King”

Food ritual: gummy worms

The one thing I’ll remember most about state is: seeing everyone come out and supporting us.

Dinner: Albert Almora




Josie Klein

Softball is: an important, amazing and fun part of my life.

We made state because: our team is energetic, focused and resilient.

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Movie:   “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Pregame food: apple

I will remember: all of these wonderful people singing on the bus rides and cheering each other on at the games

Dinner: my grandpa, because I would like to get to know more and show him how far I have come in my life



Ariana Carney

Softball is: my second family

We made it to state because: the chemistry of our team and the support we all had for each other

Song: “Written In the Sand” by Old Dominion

Movie: “Charlie St. Cloud”

Pregame: grape Gatorade

One thing I’ll remember the most about state: blaring “Hey Soul Sister” before every game and making stronger bonds with my teammates

Dinner: my dad because he’s my role model




Ashley Schmalfeldt

Softball is: a huge part of my life. It’s a game that has taught me the most important life lessons.

We made state because: we had amazing defense, offense, and team chemistry.

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Traing

Movie: “Rain Man”

Pre/post game food ritual: pickles

The one thing I’ll remember most about state: knowing that state was my last wraps for everything and taking it all in

Dinner: My grandpa that passed away in 2010 because he would be so incredibly proud of me for all of my accomplishments. With our love for the game, we would be able to talk for hours. I know he was with me throughout my whole season.


Leah Zinnen

Softball is: more than a sport.

We made it to state: not only because of our drive and determination to be the best team that we could be, but because of our incredible support for one another.

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Movie: “The Blind Side”

Pre-game food: Tic-Tacs

The one thing I will remember most about state is: getting to sing the national anthem one last time before our championship game.

Dinner: Richard Garner, because he passed away suddenly and far too soon.


Alexandria Naber

Softball is: a game that I have learned so many life lessons with

We made state because: of the chemistry of our team

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Movie: “Benchwarmers”

Pre/post game food ritual: Emily Zuleger’s food

The one thing I will remember most from state: how close I was with every single girl on the team/our loud and passionate cheering throughout the entire game

Dinner: my aunt Luann, because I hear she was a lot like me


Jenna Schmalfeldt

Softball is: a sport that I am very passionate about. It’s also where I met my second family and lifelong friends.

We made state because: we were all so close to one another and never stopped giving up.

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Movie: “Safe Haven”

Food ritual: Jimmy’s oranges that he brings

Remember about state: the feeling of passion toward a sport and never wanting something so amazing to end

Dinner: I would have dinner with Rosa Parks because in my eyes she is a hero and will never be forgotten.



Maddie Berezowitz

Softball is: better than baseball.

We made state because: we shared a love for each other and the game.

Song: “Hey Soul Sister” by Train

Movie: “A League of Their Own”

Pre/post game food ritual: chocolate milk

Remember about state: scoring 5 runs in the first inning on the quarterfinals

Dinner: My siblings, because family dinners are a rare occasion in the Berezowitz household because of our crazy schedules.



Gracie Peterson

Softball is: a game full of life lessons and where you will meet your lifelong friends.

We made state because: we worked together and believed in one another.

Song: “Tequila” by Don & Shay

Movie: “Grown Ups”

Pre/post game ritual: granola bar

Dinner: My grandma, because I never got the chance to meet her, and my dad says I am a lot like her




Jaina Westphal

Softball is: a sport that requires perfection at the little details.

We made state because: of our team being close-knit, fun, relaxed, and excited to be playing softball.

Song: “Lido Shuffle” by Boz Scaggs

Movie: “Tangled”

Remember about state: Losing, not just because we took second but because it made the team even closer (even though we were already super close)

Dinner: My mom! For so many reasons because I find her the funniest human alive, she is so wise, and we would just have a great time together.



Emily Zuleger

Softball is: a big part of my life.

We made state because: we never gave up on each other.

Song: “Hey, Soul Sister,” Train

Movie: “Pitch Perfect”

Remember about state: The overjoyed feeling when I caught Josie’s last strike in semifinal game against Slinger and we found ourselves celebrating in the middle of the field.

Dinner: Great grandparents, I was very little when they passed away.