A field of sunflowers that had become a popular roadside attraction along Highway 83 in the Town of Burlington was shut down Thursday as a safety hazard by the Racine County Sheriff’s Department. (Photo by Jason Arndt)

Roadside attraction shut down as a safety hazard

Following a reported safety concern, Racine County authorities on Thursday asked the owners of a sunflower field on Highway 83, just south of the bypass in the Town of Burlington, the property owners reported on its social media page.

The closure comes after the sunflower field owned by Oak Rest Farms became a popular attraction on multiple social media platforms, drawing visitors from as far as Illinois.

Co-owner Joe Greeter said on Friday the decision left customers disappointed.

“We had a lot of upset people on our social media page and through messages,” said Greeter, noting the Racine County Sheriff’s Office could come to final decision at 2 p.m. Friday.

As of noon Friday, phone calls to the Racine County Sheriff’s Office have gone unreturned. The Standard Press will have more on this story next week.