They earn certifications from Gateway while still in high school

By Alex Johnson


For Burlington High School, a partnership with Gateway Technical College has some students on the fast track to finish school earlier, especially in the medical field.

Medical programs include students who seek careers as an EMT, CNA and other related fields.

The partnership, according to Burlington Area School District teacher Troy Everson, has been successful and allows students to put skills into practice.

Everson, a BASD teacher for 24 years, helps coordinate both the EMT and CNA programs.

“The reason the programs are successful is it gives students a chance to put advanced knowledge into practice immediately and not just theoretically” said Everson. “These are students that are highly motivated and want to get things done.”

Everson, who has a background in nursing, also worked as an EMT himself before coming to Burlington, and continues to serve as a volunteer with the Burlington Rescue Squad.

“There is no greater pleasure than working (side by side) with your students. In class they call you by your surname and 10 minutes later we can be in a medical situation where they are my colleagues. It’s a tremendous feeling for both of us,” he added.

With students taking college level courses in high school, they are able to finish higher education earlier, according to Everson.