Catholic Central players and coaches pose with their shiny gold ball trophy, signifying a state championship. The Toppers swept Clayton Nov. 3 at the Resch Center in Green Bay. It’s the first state title for the program since 2012 and sixth since 2006. (Eric Kramer/SLN)


Katie Goethal, junior

Favorite Movie: Charlie St. Cloud


Favorite song: “20 min,” Lil Uzi

Favorite athlete: Stephen Curry

Volleyball is: An outlet from everyday life and my passion

We won state because: never once during the whole season did we doubt our ability to achieve
a state title. Every girl walked into the gym daily striving to succeed and execute our goals.

Do for fun: hanging out with my friends and being on the lake.

Pregame ritual: Being with some of my teammates and getting really hype before games.

Most influential person: Erin Schwenn. She is a grounded person who radiates happiness to
everyone. She was our main support on the bench and always cheered for all her teammates.


Elizabeth Klein, Senior



Favorite movie: “Final Season”

Favorite song: “I don’t get tired” by Kevin Gates

Favorite athlete: Bo Jackson

Volleyball is: One of my favorite sports

We won state because: We were constantly happy and stayed positive at all times.

Do for fun? Play more sports, soccer, basketball, track.

Pregame ritual: Eating sandwiches and ice cream from Kwik Trip


Most influential person: Bob and Kathryn Klein


Emme Weis, Junior


Emme Weis

Favorite movie: “Spirit” and “Sandlot”

Favorite song: “No role models” by J. Cole.

Favorite athlete: Kobe Bryant

Volleyball is: One of my favorite sports.

We won state because: Our team’s love of each other.

Do for fun? Listen to music and being with family/friends.

Pregame ritual: Our cheers and listening to music.

Most influential person: My mom and dad.




Isabelle Phillips, Junior


Favorite movie: “Oceans 11”

Favorite song: “Better Now” by Post Malone.

Favorite athlete: Grace Spiegelhoff.

Volleyball is: A great sport to play with friends.

We won state because: We never gave up.

Do for fun? Netflix and sports.

Pregame ritual: Jamming to music in the locker room.

Most influential person: My parents.


Ashley Novasic, senior



Favorite movie: “Moana”

Favorite song: “Pet Cheetah” by Twenty One Pilots.

Volleyball is: My favorite sport and something I’ve always enjoyed.

We won state because: We never quit.

Do for fun? Play volleyball and hang out with my friends.

Pregame ritual: Watching “Gossip Girl” with my girls, jamming and cheering.

Most influential person: My parents and siblings.


Kelsee Weis, freshman


Kelsee Weis

Favorite movie: “Sandlot”

Favorite song: “Shots” by LMFAO

Favorite athlete: Kelly Bates

Volleyball is: My life.

We won state because: We stayed calm and played as a team. We all knew deep down we could do it.

Pregame ritual: Cheering, dancing, singing and getting my hair done by Sammie (Seib).

Most influential person: My mother.


Lainey Dirksmeyer, sophomore

Favorite movie: “Shrek”



Favorite song: “Midsummer Madness” by 88Rising.

Favorite athlete: Dana Rettke.

Volleyball is: My source of happiness.

We won state because: We were determined.

Do for fun? Volleyball and softball.

Pregame ritual: Jam out with my friends.

Most influential person: Owen Dirksmeyer, my brother.


Grace Spiegelhoff, senior

Favorite movie: “Jurassic Park”

Favorite song: “Esskeetit” by Lil Pump.



Favorite athlete: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Volleyball is: My favorite sport and is a great way to relieve my stress.

We won state because: We never gave up even when the outlook wasn’t very positive.

Do for fun? Take naps and binge watch Netflix.

Pregame ritual: Drinking tea and dancing to some music.

Most influential person: Emily Boettcher.


Makayla Vos, freshman

Favorite movie: “High School Musical”



Favorite song: “Congratulations” by Post Malone.

Favorite athlete: Sarah Dodd.

Volleyball is: My life and favorite thing to do.

We won state because: We are very determined, calm, supportive and we all believed in each other while having fun.

Do for fun? Play beach volleyball and watch Netflix.

Pregame ritual: Dancing and singing to loud jams.

Most influential person: My family, sisters especially.


Krista Krien, senior



Favorite movie: “The Great Gatsby”

Favorite song: Drew Barrymore

Favorite athlete: Justin Watson

Volleyball is: Not only my favorite sport, but also a big piece of my life

We won state because: We never forget that we are playing out of love for the sport, no matter what game it may be.

Do for fun? I love to dance, read, travel, and run

Pregame ritual: Coffee!

Most influential person: My older sister and best friend Jana.


Sammie Seib, sophomore



Favorite movie: “Frozen”

Favorite song: I don’t know.

Favorite athlete: April Ross.

Volleyball is: My life.

We won state because: We never gave up and believed we could.

Do for fun? Play volleyball.

Pregame ritual: Jam session in the locker room.

Most influential person: My parents.


Grace Antlfinger, sophomore



Favorite movie: Nemo

Favorite song: “Mo Bamba” by Scheck Wes

Favorite athlete: Kerri Walsh

Volleyball is: A sport I love to play and grow as a player.

We won state because: Our Topper fam worked together and stayed together as team.

Do for fun? Play frisbee with my dog and hang with my friends.

Pregame ritual: Cheer and listen to music to get hype.

Most influential person: Mike Antlfinger.


Ella Shaw, sophomore


Favorite movie: “Why Him?”

Favorite song: Drew Barrymore

Favorite athlete: Lauren Carlini

Volleyball is: a fun game that has turned into my life.

We won state because: Our drive to win and our team atmosphere.

Do for fun? Kick boxing and hanging out with friends

Pregame ritual: Get Jimmy Johns, come back to the gym, jam out to music, get taped and play some volleyball.

Most influential person: My mom.


Erin Schwenn, senior

Favorite movie: I don’t have a favorite movie, but I do like to watch the television series “Mama June: From Not to Hot.”



Favorite song: “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.

Favorite athlete: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Volleyball is: A sport where I can be around and watch my best friends grow as strong players.

We won state because: Our CC family, team, coaches, student section, and family members, were a huge supportive group that never let us get down on ourselves and stay positive and looking forward.

Do for fun? I like to play Just Dance and hang out with my friends.

Pregame ritual: Set up nets, Jimmy Johns run, jam out in the car, jam out in the locker room (specifically listen to Do My Thang by Miley Cyrus), team goes outside and does our cheer, GAME TIME.


Miriam Ward, senior

Favorite movie: “The Greatest Showman”

Favorite song: I have many favorite songs that change by the week, but right now my favorite song is “congratulations” by Post Malone because we just won state and everyone is saying congratulations!



Favorite athlete: Mia Hamm who is a retired professional American soccer player who I always loved when I was growing up.

Volleyball is: A sport that I feel is the most exciting to watch and play. There is never a dull moment in volleyball because it’s a constant battle between both teams. You have a fun time with the teammates you’re playing with while making your parents and fans proud of you. It’s an unbelievable feeling that I wish everyone has the chance to experience.

We won state because: We worked together as a team to accomplish the same goal and we also had a positive outlook the whole time we were playing. We never got down on each other or ourselves at all and just had fun with it all.

Do for fun? I play volleyball for fun, but I also hang out with my friends a lot and draw in my spare time outside of my school homework.

Pregame ritual: Everyone gets ready to go out on the court like putting on shoes, socks, jerseys, etc. then we all go outside and cheer 3 chants that get us pumped up to play the amazing sport of volleyball. After we finish cheering, we pray for multiple things like no injuries and to have God pick us up if we are feeling down.         Most influential person: My dad, Breck Ward. He’s always pushed me. Ever since I started sports he was usually the coach and would also be my main supporter along with my mom, Michelle Ward. He would always pick me up when I was down and tell me how amazing I played in a game even when I thought I didn’t play too well. He pushed me to my limits and would be on my side during tough decisions in sports and in life. He has been watching the game on repeat ever since the game on Saturday. I’ll just hear him cheering in the other room on multiple occasions and come in to find my dad watching a video clip of the game.



By Jason Arndt