Jordann Huisinga, senior


Volleyball is: a sport that I am passionate about, and has given me so many unforgettable memories and sisters. We went back to back because: we are a group of hard working girls who know how to compete for what we want. Biggest fear? clowns

What makes me happy? Making others happy.

Favorite team: Our team of courseeee

Hottest banger? “Eastside,” by Benny Blanco

Biggest goal rest of the year? Find a good college to go to, and just have a great last year at Burlington


Grace Peyron, senior


Volleyball is: my pride and joy.

Back to back: Because we made it our goal and had the edge and determination to get there

Fear? Ladybugs

Happy? My relationships with family and friends, reaching my goals

Team: Anything demon

Banger? East side

Goal: To build relationships and memories with my high school friends before I graduate and be carefree while staying successful


Laren Baldowsky, junior


Volleyball is: a sport that has provided me with memories and happiness.

Back to back? We work hard and compete with ourselves and others.

Fear? Career-ending injury

Happy: volleyball, my team, the gold balls

Team: B-town Demons

Banger? “Drew Barrymore,” by Bryce Vine

Biggest goal? Stay fit for next season



Emily Alan, junior

Volleyball is: the sport I grew up with as a child and will forever be a part of my life.

Back to back? We came into the gym every day and pushed each other to get better.

Fear? Heights

Happiness: my family and my friends

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Banger: “Happier,” by Marshmello

Biggest goal: to keep my grades up and continue to make unforgettable memories


Morgan Klein, freshman

Volleyball is: a constant part of my life since I was really little.

Back to back? Because we were determined and ready to do the best we could and win state.

Fear? Death

Happiness: spending time with friends, family or teammates

Team: Demon volleyball

Banger: “Rich,” Maren Morris

Biggest goal? To make the best out of my first year of high school and enjoy the softball season when it comes this spring


Mackenzie Leach, sophomore

Volleyball is: my favorite sport.

Back to back? Our hard work and dedication

Fear? Heights

Happiness: playing volleyball

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Banger: “Zeze”, Kodak Black

Goal? End the year with strong grades and enjoy the rest of the my sophomore year


Ally Meyerhofer, sophomore

Volleyball is: a competitive sport that I strive to become better at each and every practice and game.

Back to back? We were willing to do whatever it took to win, no matter how hard it was or how much time we spent at it. Our team’s chemistry is phenomenal.

Fear? Drowning and being in tight spaces

Happiness: Being around people I love

Team: Burlington Demons volleyball 2018

Banger: “Zeze”

Goal? Enjoy the rest of sophomore year while it lasts and receive strong grades, most importantly, make memories that will never be forgotten


Cayla Gutche, junior

Volleyball is: my life.

Back to back? We put our all into every practice.

Fear: heights

Happiness: my friends

Team: Green Bay Packers

Banger: “Thank you, next”, Ariana Grande

Goal? Have as little stress as possible and enjoy being in high school


Amanda Viel, sophomore

Volleyball: rocks.

Back to back? Our hard work and dedication

Fear: falling from heights

Happiness: spending quality time with my family and winning the gold ball

Team: 2018 Demons volleyball

Banger: “The Way Life Goes,” Lil Uzi Vert

Goal: To make it to state for track


Lexi Hill, senior

Volleyball is: my passion and has been since I was 12.

Back to back? Our culture and grit is like no other.

Fear: Semi trucks

Happiness: Making people laugh

Team: Oakland Raiders

Banger: “Flip the Switch,” Quavo & Drake

Goal? Focus on preparing myself for college and make the best of my last year


Camryn Lukenbill, sophomore

Volleyball is: my favorite thing to do.

Back to back? As a team, we have an extremely determined mindset.

Happiness: Having fun with friends or family

Team: Milwaukee Bucks

Banger: “Look at you,” Seth Ennis

Goal: stay on top of my grades


Coley Haggard, senior

Volleyball is: a sport that has given me many new friends and unforgettable memories. We went back to back because: of our team’s ability to step up when it matters the most.

Fear? Needles

What makes you happy? Seeing my friends and family happy.

Team: Brewers

Banger: “Sunflower,” Post Malone

Goal: To figure out my college plans


Kaley Blake, junior

Volleyball is: my life

We went back to back because: every single girl on the team worked hard during practice, and we all had the same goal.

Fear: Bugs

What makes you happy? Seeing others happy

Team: Demon volleyball

Banger: “Drip too hard,” Lil Baby & Gunna

Goal: Doing the best I can in school, and managing my time well between club, school and coaching


Maddie Berezowitz, senior

Volleyball is: my passion, and I hope to be involved with it for a very long time.

Back to back? Our team was full of competitors that pushed each other every day at practice.

Fear: Losing ping-pong to my brother

What makes you happy? Playing volleyball.

Favorite team/athlete? Demon Volleyball

What’s the hottest banger right now? “Bottled up,” Dinah Jane

What’s your biggest goal the rest of the school year? Finish my senior year with strong grades and make my last memories with my friends and family


Sam Naber, sophomore

Volleyball is: a tradition in Burlington.

Back to back? We are driven, dedicated and determined.

Fear: getting yelled at by Mr. Lynch (Demons head coach)

Athlete/Team: Tyler Duesing, BHS sophomore

Banger: “We Are the Champions,” Queen

Goal? Finish my friend bucket list


Claire Walby, junior

Volleyball is: a sport I have played since I can remember and has brought so many joys to my life. It has given me so many new friends and a second family.

Back to back: We worked hard every day at practice to push ourselves and each other.

Fear: heights

Happiness: seeing others happy

Team/Athlete: Bucks/Giannis Antetounmkoumpo

Banger: “Everyday,” Logic

Goal: Have a great season for basketball and softball, get good grades and a good score on the ACT



By Mike Ramczyk