Scenes such as this are currently illegal in the City of Burlington where dogs are banned from most parks (stock image)

City officials debate changing current rules banning canines

By Jason Arndt


Should the City of Burlington allow dogs in all of its parks, or maintain its current no-dogs-allowed ordinance in most parks?

That was the topic of discussion at the Feb. 20 Committee of the Whole meeting.

District 2 Alderman Ryan Heft, who requested the agenda item, said he decided to come forward after he received feedback from residents.

“I have been approached by a lot of people who are just concerned because they want to be able to bring their dogs into any of the parks,” Heft said.

“It is just about having the dog with them when events are going on in our city parks or baseball games, things like that.”

The current ordinance restricts dogs to parks designated for dogs.

Previously, the Park Board discussed the ordinance on multiple occasions, including the Jan 17 meeting.

At the Jan. 17 meeting, the Park Board rejected the ordinance change on a 4-2 decision, and has consistently supported the existing city code.

Some of the concerns at previous Park Board meetings were sanitation, safety and nuisance behavior that would negatively impact the enjoyment of the parks for some users, according to documents reviewed by the Common Council.

At the Feb. 20 meeting, some members of the Common Council were open to allowing dogs at all city parks.

To read the entire story, including information on other area communities that allow dogs in parks, see the Feb. 28 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.