A little over a year ago when the members of the Burlington Senior Center moved into their new facility they knew they faced a whole new set of challenges.

The expectation from their new landlord – the City of Burlington – was that they create revenue streams from their activities and make lease payments, which is quite a departure from their rent-free existence at the former Western Racine County Service Center.

And while the city has allowed the newly dubbed Burlington Senior Activity Center to operate rent-free for the time being, the growing pains became evident recently when the Senior Center Board of Directors decided to replace Administrator Gail Boydstun.

The board has brought on Interim Administrator Susan Crane, who is making plans to increase awareness of the center’s activities.

A story on the changes at the Senior Center is one of the front-page stories in this week’s edition of the Burlington Standard Press.

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Here’s a look at some of the other stories in this week’s edition:

  • INCORPORATION INFO: The City of Burlington, or any other incorporated municipality cannot simply take land from a neighboring township, which became a point of discussion during the Feb. 28 informational presentation on an April advisory referendum in the Town of Burlington.
  • PACKING HEAT: Gun sales have grown in the era of concealed carry and more women are among the buyers, according to Scott Rollins of Reineman’s hardware and sporting goods. See this week’s business section for several stories on gun sales and use.
  • ANOTHER ARREST: A Baltimore man accused of sexually exploiting a Twin Lakes girl during their online relationship is the latest twist in the bizarre case of a Twin Lakes teen who is accused of stabbing her father in the face over his objections to the relationship.
  • LITTLE SHOP: Burlington High School’s production of Broadway smash hit “Little Shop of Horrors” premieres Friday and runs for two weekends in the school auditorium.
  • STATE CHAMPS: Burlington High School’s boys bowling team came home with the gold trophy from last week’s state competition.