By Jason Arndt

Town of Burlington voters voiced opposition to a non-binding advisory referendum on whether it should explore becoming a village on Tuesday.

The advisory referendum boiled down to one question: Should the Town of Burlington continue to explore becoming a village?

Of the 1,263 ballots cast, 755 voted no for the exploration while 508 support the effort.

Last January, when the Town Board approved the referendum question on a 3-2 vote, Supervisor IV Jeff Lang said it was important to seek the opinion of town residents.

“The referendum is non-binding, but it would be a good thing to take the temperature from our citizens and see what their thinking is,” said Supervisor IV Jeff Lang.

The question, meanwhile, comes after a working group of concerned residents sought ways to preserve the town’s rural character and protect its borders from the City of Burlington annexing some of its property.

According to state law, however, the only way the City of Burlington could annex land from the Town of Burlington is through a petition filed by a Town of Burlington property owner.

Lang, at a Feb. 28 informational meeting with residents, cleared up the misconception.

“A lot of people believe that the city has the power to take land and the truth is that landowners have to petition to join the city,” he said on Feb. 28.

One of the common factors for landowners to seek annexation into the city is for municipal services, like sewer and water, and to receive public safety services.