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LETTER: Current School Board members are part of the problem

                   Bill Gates of Microsoft recently concluded that America’s K-12 school system is failing if not broken. This is after donating millions of dollars to groups/schools with no appreciable improvement in student achievement.                   The most recent standardized international tests show shocking evidence that the average U.S. high school senior […]


LETTER: Those who create jobs, pay taxes should be thanked, not vilified

                  Once again, President Obama is targeting, demonizing, denigrating, demagoging, and trying to punish the 1 percent. He wants them to be ashamed that they are successful.  He wants to create the impression that there is something wrong with success, that they didn’t earn it, that they don’t deserve it. […]


LETTER: When it comes to BASD, taxpayers have to be in a giving mood

                  I believe the Burlington Area School District staff to be dedicated and hardworking people. Every job is important to our mutual goal of a 12th-grader ready and equipped for the world.                   All staff contribute – from a clean building to good meals; from extra tutoring to a cheerful […]


LETTER: BASD staff pay is in line with their education level

                  Philip Ketterhagen must think the readers of the Standard Press are fools and wouldn’t see through the apples to oranges analysis of Burlington Area School District compensation he included in his letter to the editor (Dec. 8 Standard Press).                   Ketterhagen’s focus is on money alone as he states […]


LETTER: Top BASD staff is in top 17 percent of U.S. wage earners

                  About three week ago I had the pleasure to have a Burlington Area School District teacher tell me I am fabricating information about how well paid the BASD administration and staff are. According to him I was telling lies and misinforming the Burlington taxpayers.                   I am a college […]


Letter: Community steps up for reporter’s family

We would like to thank everyone from the community who showed up to support the Friends of Mark Dudzik benefit. A special thank you goes out to the staff at Southern Lakes Newspapers who spent countless hours organizing and then hosting this benefit event. Thank you to Veterans Terrace for […]


OPINION: District’s actions show disregard for taxpayers

By Roger Koldeway Contributor                   I encourage all taxpayers in the Burlington Area School District to attend the special meeting of the School Board at the Burlington High School Gym on Monday, Oct. 31 at 7:30 p.m.                   A vote will take place to request that the school tax remain […]


OPINION: Step up to save district from harmful forces

By Sean Cranley Contributor                   Greetings residents and friends of the Burlington Area School District, we have a frightful emergency.                   Our public schools are under a coordinated attack from a Tea Party (TP) group in the form of WeVoteBurlington (WVB). The outcome of the first battle in this attack […]


Letter: Local students are certainly worth a nickel more per day

                  Gov. Scott Walker cut school funding in Wisconsin by $900 million.  He also submitted a proposal that required school districts to reduce their property tax authority by $550 per pupil.                   This put an extraordinary burden on school districts.  The Burlington Area School District made large cuts in their […]


Letter: BASD leaves potential insurance cost savings on the table

                  Prior to July 1, 2011, the Burlington Area School District offered employees health insurance through Wisconsin Education Association Trust.                   This was one of many plans offered by the state’s group insurance board. BASD selected a new health care plan effective July 1 through the Business Health Care Group […]


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