By Jennifer Eisenbart


The Burlington Area School District School Board gave its final approval Monday to the budget that will be presented at the Aug. 25 Annual Meeting.

The budget, which lowers the tax levy to $20.68 million – a decrease of $392,165 – and also reduces the amount being taken out of the fund balance by about $72,800, was approved by a 5-2.

The two no votes came from Phil Ketterhagen and Roger Koldeway – both of whom had raised previous objections to the budget when the Finance Committee approved the changes last month and during the budget process.

The district received about $715,000 more than expected in state aid, but chose to levy from the referendum-approved debt to reduce the amount from the fund balance.

BASD is facing first-year start-up costs for 4-year-old kindergarten of a little more than $500,000, and won’t begin to recoup state aid for the program until next year.

Only Ketterhagen spoke Monday night, though, repeating his belief that of 4-year-old kindergarten is a “want” vs. a “need.”

“I’m a little disappointed that we’re taking $400,000 off the taxing,” he said. “The $400,000 should remain in the fund balance.”