Food pantry and services still available

Southern Lakes Area Love, Inc. temporarily closed its stores and donations centers in both Burlington and Waterford in response to growing COVID-19 pandemic.

But the nonprofit group plans to continue offering its food pantry and services, according to the organization’s website.

“Right now we’re all facing stress and uncertainty because of COVID-19 and its consequences,” the website states.

“But times like these are the reason our community came together 36 years ago to build a home for help- a place where neighbors take care of each other, not the government.”

Love, Inc., however, reaffirmed its mission to help the community.

“We want everyone to know that we’re still here thanks to neighbors like you, and we’re here to help,” the website states.

“Our community is about more than the ‘social distance’ between us. We won’t forget those in our community who are and will be hit especially hard by these challenges. But we will overcome these challenges together.”

People can still support Love, Inc.’s mission by donating online at

Love, Inc. encouraged residents who need help to call 262-763-6226.