The Browns Lake Aquaducks captured first place in Division 2 of the Wisconsin State Water Ski Show competition in Wisconsin Rapids last week.

Team overcomes wicked weather to win first title in 10 years

By Jason Arndt


The Browns Lake Aquaducks outlasted wicked weather, which was a constant struggle all season, to capture its first Division II Wisconsin State Waterski Show title in a decade July 20 and 21.

The Aquaducks accounted for 1,275.43 total points, 67 points better than second place Badwater Ski-ters. The team won six categories in the tournament held July 18 through 21 on Lake Wazeecha at Red Sands Beach near Wisconsin Rapids.

“Teamwork and experience were the driving factors in our success at the state tournament this year,” Dan Schauer, Aquaducks vice president, said.

“We have members who have been skiing with the Aquaducks for nearly 30 years. When you combine that knowledge with the competitive nature of our skiers, we were able to put together a complete show on the water.”

For the Aquaducks, which finished third in 2018, the ballet line consisting of 20 women and boat crews played a key role during the tournament.

The ballet line, according to Schauer, spent many evenings practicing to perfect its routine.

“Really, our ballet line is what we are known for,” he said. “Our girls put a lot of effort into their routine.”

The ballet line finished 72 points ahead of the second place Crivitz Ski Cats with 345 points to win the category.

The ballet line consists of Katrina Greenquist, Carmen Ledger, Jaci Bever, Kaitlyn Ripple, Kylie Ripple, Michelle Meike, Izzy Meike, Megan Bolda, Macy Fiehweg, Kierstyn Haubrich, Hanna Paulson, Delaney Peterson, Kourtney Peterson, Ellie Petrie, Taylor Pham, Justine Riordan, Ally Schauer, Jamie Vos, Felicity Zelechowski and Trinity Zelechowski

Bever, a 22-year member of the Aquaducks, said the ballet line worked diligently to capture the highest scoring honor.

“We practiced very hard to make sure our choreography was on point,” she said.

Meanwhile, for boating, the Aquaducks had the best pick-up boat crew with 229 points and top towboat drivers at 569 points.

Contributing to the highest scoring pick-up/safety boats were driver Burt Peterson and spotter Alex Meike along with driver Tom Ripple and spotter Tristan Vos.

Participants of the towboat team were Matt Remer, triple rig; Scott Limberg, twin rig; Jake Needle, single rig and Don Baird, inboard.

“Our boat driving has been really consistent at winning the state’s high scores for several years,” Schauer said.

To read the full story see the July 25 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.