Spring Prairie residents line up in opposition to proposal

By Jason Arndt


Spring Prairie residents voiced opposition to a proposed gravel pit in the township, even after the Planning and Zoning Commission postponed the decision at a June 27 meeting.

Robert Kordus, president of Union Grove-based Asphalt Contractors, Inc., requested adjournment of his proposal following a June 26 meeting with the Walworth County Land Use and Resource Management Planning Team.

Kordus is proposing to rezone four parcels from A-1 Agriculture to M-3 Mineral Extraction District along with securing conditional use permits on each parcel belonging to two owners spanning approximately 260 acres.

The four parcels are at W2064 Highway 11 and W1966 Spring Prairie Road and off of Highway 120. The site is roughly bordered by Highway 120 on the west, Highway 11 and Spring Prairie Road on the south; Hargraves Road on the east and Potter Road on the north. The site abuts both Highway 120 and Spring Prairie Road.

Kordus told the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission his proposal requires multiple modifications, including obtaining proper permits, before he can present a final plan to the municipality.

Residents speak out

The decision to postpone, meanwhile, drew some frustration among the hundreds in attendance – many of them wishing to speak on the issue.

Residents were eventually allowed to speak, bringing a litany of reasons why they don’t want the town to approve the permit.

Mary Grossman, one of many of who are opposed, said she believes the gravel pit could forever change the town’s character.

“A rezone of that location will forever change the character of this town,” she said. “Our town website says that we are located at the junction of Highway 120 and Highway 11. That parcel is just off of Highway 120 and Highway 11.”

“That is not where we want our town to go. I am not necessarily against development, but not a gravel pit in that location.”

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