Spring Prairie official eyes Oct. 24 for meeting on issue

By Jason Arndt


A proposed gravel pit in the Town of Spring Prairie remains a lingering issue as Asphalt Contractors, Inc. President Robert Kordus continues to update plans.

Since June 27, when the proposal went before the Planning and Zoning Commission, the proposal has come under intense scrutiny as well as persistent delays.

The delays continued after the Planning and Zoning Commission postponed the item at a Sept. 19 meeting.

Town Chairman Thomas C. Bolfert, who was appointed following Don Henningfeld’s resignation in July, said in a letter Kordus has not finalized plans to present before the Town of Spring Prairie and Walworth County.

“By now, most of you have heard that the Planning Commission presentation and vote on the gravel pit was cancelled. Bob Kordus of Asphalt Contractors called us saying Walworth County wanted more details on his proposal and he wasn’t ready to present to us,” Bolfert wrote in the letter.

“The county has advised us in the past that it is important that the presentation to the town is the same as the one being presented to the county. While we would like to see this issue resolved, it is important to follow proper procedures.”

Meanwhile, as town residents seek a resolution, Bolfert hopes to see the final presentation at an Oct. 24 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.

Kordus, whose original proposal met the ire of local residents at previous meetings, said in an August interview he was unsure when the revised plan will go before the Spring Prairie’s Planning Commission meeting for consideration.

“We are updating the plan right now, we are in the process of redoing the maps, the diagrams,” Kordus said on Aug. 13. “They are very thorough and looking after every word. It is just a lot of paperwork.”

Kordus, who looks to rezone four parcels from A-1 Agriculture to M-3 Mineral Extraction District, also sought conditional use permits on each parcel belonging to two owners spanning 260 acres.

The four parcels are at W2064 Highway 11 and W1966 Spring Prairie Road and accessed off of Highway 120. The site is roughly bordered by Highway 120 on the west, Highway 11 and Spring Prairie Road on the south; Hargraves Road on the east and Potter Road on the north. The site abuts both Highway 120 and Spring Prairie Road.

Proper permits include, but are not limited to, receiving a county variance on the planned 200-foot setback, a storm water run-off permit along with receiving clearance from both the state Department of Natural Resources and Department of Transportation.

To read the entire story see the Oct. 3 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.