A warrant was issued April 26 for the arrest of a Milwaukee man charged with assaulting nurses at Aurora Medical Center in Burlington.

Joel DeLeon Nieves, 42, was charged April 4 in Racine County Circuit Court with three counts of battery to an emergency rescue worker, misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, DeLeon Nieves, a paraplegic, assaulted four nurses while in the intensive care unit at the Burlington hospital on June 20. Hospital staff told police DeLeon Nieves kept lifting his butt off the bed to trip an alarm and summon nurses. A nurse told DeLeon Nieves to stop, but he refused, and a sitter was assigned to his room to monitor him, according to the complaint.

When a nurse came in to empty DeLeon Nieves’ colostomy bag, DeLeon Nieves pinned the nurse’s arm against the side of the bed and placed his whole body weight on her arm, the complaint contends. DeLeon Nieves dug his fingernails into another nurse’s hand, breaking the skin and causing her to bleed, and hit another nurse in the chest when she tried to release his grasp from the first nurse, according to the complaint.

Another nurse placed his hand on DeLeon Nieves’ shoulder to keep DeLeon Nieves on the bed, and DeLeon Nieves punched the nurse in the face, side and upper chest, the complaint states. DeLeon Nieves also manipulated both the nurse’s wrists when the nurse tried to restrain him, injuring both the nurse’s wrists, according to the complaint.