The City of Burlington Police Department is working to establish a network of as-needed video surveillance cameras to help deter and solve crimes.

Officials looking to partner with residents and business with cameras

By Jason Arndt


The City of Burlington Police Department is building a video surveillance database consisting of private residences and local businesses to improve criminal investigations.

Lt. Brian Zmudzinski said the database is a voluntary partnership and gives his department more tools to keep the City of Burlington safe.

“We are just looking to form a partnership with the community and start a process of developing a database that we can quickly query for critical incidents or criminal investigations,” he said, adding information will be kept confidential.

The program includes private landowners and businesses, with video surveillance capabilities, which could be used as needed for investigative purposes.

Investigations could involve vehicle thefts, vandalism, emergency situations, or any other police matter.

“Say, for instance, we had an area in the city where we had thefts from vehicles or vandalism, we would have information from the community on these camera images that we can quickly pull,” Zmudzinski said.

The quicker turnaround, he said, will help his department fast track investigations, therefore, helping the city close some cases sooner, rather than later.

To read the entire story see the Nov 28 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.