By Jason Arndt


The Burlington Town Board is still struggling with what to do with the vacancy left by the late Barbara Ruud.

Ruud, 76, who resided in Burlington for 64 years, served as Town Supervisor III from 2018 when she won election until she died on June 22.

Since then, the Town Board met once to discuss the opening, according to Town Administrator Brian Graziano.

“Basically what had happened in this last meeting was that there were a couple of motions put out and both came out tied,” Graziano said regarding the July 11 meeting.

“Nothing was decided at the meeting.”

Graziano, who did not specify what motions were presented, referred questions related to whether the item will be placed on the Aug. 8 meeting agenda to Town Chairman Ralph Rice.

In response, Rice said the item may “very well be” on the agenda, but was unsure as of July 30.

Although the Town Board has not decided, Graziano said state statutes do not clearly indicate a specific process for finding Ruud’s successor.

“The statutes don’t say anything that there has to be a specific process. Right now it is kind of up in the air, but that should be decided soon,” Graziano said last week.

Standard procedures for municipalities include leaving open the vacancy until the next election, which is in April, an outright appointment by the municipality or holding interviews with interested candidates followed by an appointment for the remainder of the expired term.

To read the full story see the Aug. 1 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.