A Burlington man who wrote a series of letters to his estranged wife has been charged with violating a domestic abuse restraining order to not contact his wife.

Matthew Monteith, 39, is charged in Racine County Circuit Court with five counts of knowingly violating a domestic abuse injunction and six counts of misdemeanor bail jumping.

Burlington police on April 21 interviewed Monteith’s wife who gave them five letters purportedly written by Monteith, including two that were stamped as being sent from the Racine County Jail, according to the criminal complaint.

In the two letters mailed from the jail Monteith told his wife that he intended to work on their relationship and he requested a date night.

In a letter sent later, Monteith allegedly wrote that any man who touches his wife will die and he asked her to drop the case against him with the promise of a new car, if she would comply.

In a fourth letter Monteith expressed anger at his wife for “lying” about what happened between them and asked her to drop the case, the complaint contends. A fifth letter contained bank statements and a request from Monteith to let him come home and take care of his wife, according to the complaint.

The restraining order in place against Monteith, which was granted in December 2019 on the basis of domestic abuse, requires him to avoid his wife and prohibits him from contacting her in any manner, according to the complaint.

A status conference in the case is scheduled for May 19 in Racine County Circuit Court.

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