A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Oct. 21 for an Illinois man who claims voices told him to go to a Rochester home where he drank beverages and smoked a Cigarello before the home’s occupants confronted him.

Timothy M. Jurik, 29, of Wood Dale, Ill., was charged Oct. 7 in Racine County Circuit Court with burglary of a building or dwelling and criminal trespassing.

According to the criminal complaint, residents of a Ridge Lane home in the Village of Rochester reported a man they didn’t know inside their home Oct. 7. A resident of the home said he was awoken by his dog and noticed a man standing outside his bedroom door in the basement, according to the complaint. The resident called 911, and the unknown man left the home and ran to his car, which was parked in the driveway, and stayed there until officers arrived, according to the complaint.

The man was identified as Jurik, and his laptop was found on the couch in the upstairs living room, and the laptop charger was on a bed in the basement, according to the complaint. Police determined Jurik had drank a glass of orange juice, poured himself a cup of coffee with two egg yokes in it, drank some Jagermeister and smoked a Cigarello on the main level of the home, according to the complaint.

Jurik told a deputy he was off his schizophrenia medication and voices in his head told him to go to that house, according to the complaint. He said the voices told him to break a window, but he found the basement door unlocked, the complaint states. Jurik admitted consuming the family’s beverages before being confronted, according to the complaint.