Rezone request heads to Racine County for approval

By Jason Arndt

Staff Writer

Asphalt Contractors, Inc. won unanimous approval Thursday from the Burlington Town Board on two items related to proposed mineral extraction operation on the Sun Ray Hills property along Highway P.

The two proposals authorized by the Town Board were a rezone recommendation to the Racine County Board and land use plan waiver, both of which were previously tabled at an Aug. 13 meeting, contingent upon Asphalt Contractors meeting conditions submitted by an engineer.

Asphalt Contractors, Inc., of Union Grove, plans to mine 85 of the total 163 acres on the property at 7148 McHenry Street.

But the plan is not finished as the rezone request from P-2 Recreational Park District to M-4 Quarrying District will need approval from the Racine County Economic Development and Land Use Planning Committee on Sept. 21.

The Town Board acknowledged the approvals do not include formal resolutions reducing the speed limit from 45 to 35 mph as well as resurfacing of Highway P because both items are under Racine County authority.

Town Supervisor No. 4 Jeff Lang, however, said on Thursday he received some assurances from Racine County officials about plans to fund road resurfacing of Highway P by 2022.

Lang, meanwhile, requested further discussion, and potentially a resolution, about Highway P speed limits.

“I would like to ask the board to put on the agenda for our next meeting a discussion of the speed limit,” Lang said.

In the meantime, Richard Isaacson, Town Supervisor No. 2, strongly encouraged residents to contact county officials about their commitment to Highway P improvements.

      To read a full story on Thursday’s meeting, see the Sept. 17 edition of the Burlington Standard Press.