Most Burlington residents didn’t grow up knowing what it’s like to be a member of a minority group.

Alex Hanesakda did.

But, as his father taught him, he put his head down and ignored people who targeted him because of his Asian background.

That code of silence ended last week, however, after Hanesakda – who now operates his own restaurant – felt compelled to share his own experiences after recent incidents of violence against Asian American people.

Hanesakda’s story is part of the front-page news package in this week’s edition of the Burlington Standard Press.

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Here’s a look at some of the other stories in this week’s edition:


MAYOR PITCHES TASK FORCE: Burlington Mayor Jeannie Hefty on Tuesday presented her proposal for a task force to address issues of race in the community and received a mixed reception from Common Council members. Some members questioned whether there’s a need for the effort, which will cost about $10,000, while others believe it will be money well spent. A vote on the proposal is set for April 7.


FAMILY ESCAPES FIRE: A Racine County Sheriff’s deputy woke members of a Yorkville family early Wednesday morning and evacuated them from their home as an adjacent building of their property burned.


OVERDUE HONOR: World War II veteran Raymond Schaefer spent 77 years wishing he earned his high school diploma. Last week his wish was fulfilled.


THE RACE FOR TOWN BOARD: Town of Burlington voters will elect a new Supervisor No. 2 for the Town Board in the April 6 Spring Election. The supervisory race, which included a February primary, features top two finishers Brian Fliss and Neal Czaplewski from that election. The two candidates look to replace incumbent Ric Isaacson, who did not seek re-election. We have updated interviews with the candidates.


COURT NEWS: A status conference is scheduled for April 1 for an area man charged with stealing identifying information from customers while working at Kunes Auto Group. Michael T. Myers, 34, was charged March 11 in Racine County Circuit Court with six counts of personal identity theft for financial gain, theft by false representation and 11 counts of misdemeanor bail jumping. He was arrested at a home in Rochester.


PRESENTING THE ALL-CITY TEAM: Sports columnist Mike Ramczyk takes a stab at creating his own postseason honor teams for Burlington and the surrounding areas.


CRAFT STORES GET PANDEMIC BOOST: The coronavirus pandemic has generated business for craft shops and art studios that cater to people who have a creative side.