By Patricia Bogumil

Interim Editor

An 18-year-old Union Grove woman is charged with one count of felony burglary to a dwelling as a repeat offender; two felony counts of forgery as a repeat offender; and two misdemeanor theft charges of property valued under $2,500 as a repeat offender for allegedly breaking into the apartment of a family acquaintance while he was out of state attending a funeral.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Racine County Circuit Court:

On Oct. 15, a resident of an apartment at 15941 Durand Avenue, Union Grove, reported to police that his residence had been burglarized.

On Oct. 11, a neighbor had reported to police that items belonging to the man, including three checkbooks and a laptop computer, were discovered in a bedroom of the neighbor’s apartment that was occupied by Alisha A. Weinreber.

The victim said that when he returned home to his apartment, he discovered that a window air conditioner had been removed from a bedroom window in order to gain entry.

Besides the checkbooks and laptop, he said he was also missing $125 in cash; a coin collection of bicentennial quarters worth $25; a collection of eight folding knives; and several silver Mexican coins valued at $30.

A Racine County Sheriff’s Department deputy took the victim to the apartment in which Weinreber resided. The man identified numerous items there as belonging to him, including the laptop, four knives, 47 Mexican coins, three checkbooks and a gray plastic file box.

A $50 check in one of the man’s checkbooks had been made out to Alisha Weinreber. The victim said he had not given her permission to enter his residence, take and carry away his property, or endorse his checks.

A $60 check in another of his checkbooks had been made out to a different individual. Police contacted her and she told them that Weinreber had offered to write her a personal check for $60, but that she had not cashed it because she did not recognize the man’s name on the check and did not know where it came from.

She further stated that she saw Weinreber write a check to herself.

A written statement by the owner of the apartment in which Weinreber resided complained that Weinreber had also stolen the prescription medicine, Adderal, from another person living there.

Because Weinreber has had other convictions within the past five years, she faces enhanced sentencing as a repeat criminal.

If convicted of all charges, Weinreber faces a maximum penalty of 44 years in prison, $65,000 in fines, or both.

Weinreber was due in court for a preliminary hearing Oct. 26.