Union Grove looks to gauge village’s pulse

By Dave Fidlin


After several months of discussion, a plan to check the pulse of residents and business owners in Union Grove through a community survey is moving forward.

The plan in motion calls for administering the survey in September. Respondents will be encouraged to take the 14-question survey online, but opportunities to fill it out and return it with a paper copy at village hall will also be permissible.

The full survey, which the Village Board approved at a July 22 meeting, will ask questions related to such topics as neighborhood conditions, safety and municipal services.

One of the questions, for example, asks respondents to rate different types of activities in the village, including infrastructure improvements, new residential development, park and public space improvements and community events.

Another question asks how often respondents use village amenities such as playground equipment, baseball fields, soccer fields and dog parks.

Village Administrator Mike Hawes initially proposed the survey earlier this summer as one of multiple instruments used to navigate where the village is heading in the road ahead.

“The survey results could be presented at a Village Board meeting and copies distributed to board members,” Hawes said. “The results could help guide future projects and planning.”

Hawes said the village will promote the survey through multiple channels, including the village’s newsletter and via social media.

Village President Mike Aimone said he hoped the survey results would include a broad cross-section of viewpoints throughout Union Grove.

“I think we need to get as big a sampling as we can in the community,” Aimone said.

Hawes said his goal is to administer a survey ever few years in the hopes of gauging how the village progresses on certain issues.