Racine man charged with multiple felonies

A Racine man is charged with multiple felonies and suffered a close encounter with a K9 deputy after fleeing from authorities at 95 mph Sunday morning in the Town of Raymond.

Anthony Chambliss

Anthony Chambliss, 30, is charged with second-degree recklessly endangering safety, attempting to flee or elude an officer, resisting an officer, operating while intoxicated-second offense, possession of THC, possession of drug paraphernalia, and disorderly conduct.

All the charges are filed with a repeater enhancer because Chambliss has been previously convicted of a felony.

According to the criminal complaint filed Monday in Racine County Circuit Court, Chambliss was chased down and caught by Racine County Deputy K9 named Friday after crashing his car and fleeing on foot near the Drexel Avenue off-ramp from the northbound lane of Interstate 94.

“It appeared that Chambliss took the exit ramp at a very high rate of speed and tried to make a right turn but rather slid out of control, landing in the gully area on the north side of Drexel Ave.,” Deputy Edward Drewitz wrote in the complaint.

Drewitz began to pursue Chambliss on foot and at the same time released his K9 partner who rapidly chased Chambliss down and latched onto his right arm before bringing him to the ground, according to the complaint.

The apprehension put an end to a perilous seven-minute pursuit that began at 7:44 a.m. in the Town of Raymond when Drewitz measured with a laser device the vehicle driven by Chambliss traveling at 95 mph in a 60 mph construction zone on I-94.

Drewitz began pursuing Chambliss at speeds reaching 100 mph and allegedly saw Chambliss twice exit I-94 and blow through exit ramp stop signs at a high rate of speed.

In one instance Chambliss nearly struck a semi-trailer truck and in the other ran over a construction barrel before running the stop sign at an estimated 80 mph, according to the complaint.

Drewitz was then advised to terminate the pursuit by a supervisor. He continued to the next exit, Drexel Avenue in Oak Creek, where he encountered Chambliss’ crashed vehicle.

Chambliss was treated at the scene by Oak Creek Fire and Rescue and transported to a nearby hospital before he was taken into custody.

Deputies searched the backpack Chambliss was carrying and allegedly found marijuana, drug paraphernalia and an open bottle of brandy, according to the complaint.

Chambliss remained in the Racine County Jail on $2,500 cash bond Tuesday after making his initial appearance in court Monday afternoon.

A preliminary hearing is his case is scheduled for May 29.

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