A Racine man who demanded waffles from a group of employees at Echo Lake Foods in Raymond is charged with disorderly conduct after he allegedly swung a knife at one of the men when they failed to meet his demand.

Alberto Ramirez Jr. is charged in Racine County Circuit Court with disorderly conduct–use of a dangerous weapon, a misdemeanor, in connection with the incident that allegedly occurred Sept. 10.

According to the criminal complaint, three employees of Echo Lake Foods, 2319 Raymond Avenue, said Ramirez approached the shipping area of the plant late Sept. 10 claiming to be an ex-employee and saying that another man – also identified as a former employee – owed him money.

When the workers refused to provide Ramirez with waffles from the warehouse he grew angry and pulled a knife before getting up in the face of one of the workers, the complaint alleges.

When told the workers would call police, Ramirez allegedly swung the knife at a worker, the complaint contends, and then hurried to his vehicle to leave.

One of the workers took a photo of the vehicle and police were able to trace it back to Ramirez.