Author Rich Hebron (right) and illustrator Kenneth Ferguson sign copies of their book “Milly Moves to the Farm” during a release party at Old Settlers Inn in Union Grove Jan. 19. (Photo by Chad Hensiak)

Local author’s children’s book recounts move to the farm

By Chad Hensiak


Union Grove High School alumnus and author Rich Hebron returned with illustrator Kenneth Ferguson on Jan. 19 to host a book release party at Old Settlers Inn to celebrate the release of their first children’s book.

The title of the new book is “Milly Moves to the Farm.” Hebron drew inspiration for the book from the stories his grandmother told him about her move from Milwaukee to Raymond during the Great Depression.

“One of the best parts of creating ‘Milly Moves to the Farm’ has just been sitting down with my grandma and listening to her stories and spending time with her,” Hebron said.

When asked what it was like working with Ferguson, Hebron replied, “He’s super-talented, and I’m grateful that we’ve crossed paths. I mean it’s incredible to describe what I’m thinking in a scene, draw a few stick figures, and then he’ll draw for like 30 seconds and show it to me, and I’ll be like, ‘Yes! That’s it!’”

Milly Moves to the Farm has been met with a warm reception as it has been rated as Amazon’s number one new release in both the Children’s Farm Life and Children’s Country Life categories according to Hebron.

“At last glance, ‘Milly Moves to the Farm’ had sold well over 100 copies since it’s Dec. 17 release date” Hebron said.

“Milly…” is not Hebron’s first book, however. In 2018 he released “Homeless but Human,” a stark contrast to his light-hearted children’s book. This book is about the experiences he had when he decided to live as a homeless person on the streets of Chicago.

To learn more about Rich Hebron, visit his website at “Both Milly Moves to the Farm” and “Homeless but Human” are currently available on Amazon.

To read the entire story — including the authors account of living as a homeless person in Chicago — see the Jan. 24 edition of the Westine Report.