Union Grove will save $93,000 during that period


By Dave Fidlin


Deputies with the Racine County Sheriff’s Department will continue patrolling the streets of Union Grove for at least the next three years on the heels of a new long-term agreement.

The Village Board on Oct. 19 approved three separate contracts totaling $385,998.37 in 2021, $425,883.90 in 2022 and $437,099.94 in 2023.

By signing a multi-year agreement, Village Administrator Mike Hawes said cost savings are anticipated.

“The agreement will result in a cost savings of $53,000 in the first year and approximately $93,000 over the course of the contract, compared to the 2020 cost,” Hawes said.

During this week’s deliberations, several board members spoke favorably of the plan.

“I think this contract is going to benefit us over the next three years,” Trustee Ryan Johnson said. “We were able to get some significant savings.”

Prior to the board’s vote this week, members of the appointed Police Commission worked to hammer out the three-year contract — an endeavor that took place for most of the year.

“The commission has been working with staff and the sheriff’s office on the new agreement since spring,” Hawes said.

According to contractual documents, the village anticipates maintaining deputy staffing throughout the duration of the upcoming contract. Each year, the sheriff’s department will provide a total full-time equivalency, or FTE, of 3.87 deputies.

One of the largest variants, year to year, in the contract is the deputies’ base wages. In the first year of the new contract, the village is to pay the sheriff’s department $5,132.29 for the line item, followed by $5,815.33 in 2022 and $6,004.44 in 2023.

As has been the case in the past, the village also contributes to other expenses, including deputies’ clothing allowances, contributions into the Wisconsin Retirement System, worker’s compensation and multiple benefits.