But village officials show up hoping to open dialog

By Dave Fidlin


A joint meeting between the village and town of Waterford that had been in the works for two weeks was scrapped by town officials several days before it was set to occur. But village officials still stopped by Town Hall on Monday, the date of the would-be meeting.

Posted agendas on the village and town’s websites reveal the differences the municipalities had over the joint meeting, which was set to occur Aug. 26 and originally was posted Aug. 9.

The village’s agenda stated a three-point list of agenda items, including opening statements and reviews of existing joint fire and police contracts, the possibility of extending the agreements and long-term boundary agreements between the municipalities.

Last Friday, the town had replaced the joint meeting agenda with a new one, essentially canceling the former. The new meeting, held largely in closed session, had a more limited scope, focusing solely on fire and emergency medical services with the village.

In the two-minute portion of the Aug. 26 meeting held in open session, Town Chair Tom Hincz confirmed the closed-session gathering would only be availed to the Town Board, fire chiefs and assistant fire chiefs.

“This was posted,” Hincz said of the town’s revamped agenda. “All I can say is, ‘I appreciate you coming, but that’s the situation.”

To read the entire story, including the village’s reaction to the closed meeting, see the Aug. 30 edition of the Waterford Post.