Format will put half of students in classrooms each day

By Dave Fidlin


In a deliberately last-minute decision, Waterford Union High School officials this week solidified a hybrid plan for fall instruction that will be revisited in mid-September.

The School Board voted unanimously in favor of an instructional model that would house half of WUHS students on designated days and allowing the other half to engage in instruction virtually. The model would be swapped out on alternating days.

Superintendent Luke Francois presented the board with multiple possibilities, each with specific benefits and challenges. The adopted plan, set for review on or before Sept. 11, includes an 8-period schedule and the hybrid model split between students with the last names ending in A-K and L-Z.

Before acting on the plan, the board heard from a small group of parents and staffers and fielded Francois’ presentation on the assorted options on the table. Public feedback within the confines of the board meeting called for a slow, methodical approach toward resuming in-person instruction.

District resident Marsha Tyacke, who works in Marquette University’s College of Nursing, said the School Board “should not engage in a popularity contes

t to win re-election” and stay laser-focused on data and health recommendations.

“Sometimes the most difficult and safest decisions aren’t the most popular,” Tyacke said. “The experts are doing all the homework for you.”

To read the entire story, including information on the plans of local elementary schools, see the Aug. 28 edition of the Waterford Post.