High school strives to maintain some in-person instruction

By Dave Fidlin


Waterford Union High School’s pivot to a hybrid instructional model in October has enabled the district to keep its doors open and maintain COVID-19 precautions, officials recently reported.

At a School Board meeting Nov. 23, several members of the district’s administrative team offered up an update on the blended in-person and virtual methods that have been in place in response to an uptick of positive cases linked to the novel coronavirus.

“We’re proud that we’re able to have in-person learning, to some extent.” Superintendent Luke Francois said, pointing out the option has not been possible in some other schools and districts within the state.

While the general number of positive COVID-19 cases remains a front-and-center concern, the professional providing health services to WUHS and each of the corresponding K-8 feeder districts offered up his endorsement of the model in place within the high school.

Chris McMahon, who serves as the official school nurse, said he believes parents are taking precautionary measures — and the actions, he said, have allowed WUHS to keep its doors open. The statement was made amid the reality the district also has, and currently is, grappling with cases of students who have tested positive for the virus.

“Parents are keeping their kids home if they’re sick,” McMahon said, speaking in generalities. “They’re taking proactive steps.”

While he works within the realm of public health, McMahon during the recent discussion said he also endorses having at least some form of in-person instruction.

“I do believe kids should be in school,” McMahon said. “I think it’s a safe place. I am hopeful right now, and I hope the numbers continue to go down.”

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