Gov. Scott Walker cut school funding in Wisconsin by $900 million.  He also submitted a proposal that required school districts to reduce their property tax authority by $550 per pupil.

                  This put an extraordinary burden on school districts.  The Burlington Area School District made large cuts in their budget, but came up short.  This required them to increase the property taxes on the residents in our community.

                  In recent weeks, concerned citizens filled the auditorium at the high school to voice their opinion.  It was clear when listening to them, that they were getting bad information.

                  The bottom line for the property owners is that it will cost them about $1.25 per month. That’s less than a nickel a day. To look at it another way, their tax increase will be the same as buying four gallons of gas every year. So it’s not as painful as it sounds.

                  It would hard for me to look a child in the eye and tell him that he is not worth a nickel a day.

John Kessler