If you want to vote yourself out of a job, vote for Obama.

This election is not about how many free condoms you get each week or about who’s paying Big Bird’s salary. It’s about meat-and-potato and kitchen-table issues. Gasoline has doubled during the Obama years and it’s a darn shame I can’t buy my gas at the dollar store.

 I think debt service is one of the major items in the federal budget. It has to be addressed immediately. Just about everyone has a mortgage or credit card statement, which lists the amount of principal and interest you owe.

Can you imagine how much interest we are paying on $16 trillion? It’s huge, it’s enormous, it’s beyond comprehension. This crushing debt will bring down America.

Hopefully I’ve squirreled away enough resources so as not to be a burden on society of my family. I worry most about my grandchildren. I look at the sparkle and the twinkle in their eyes and fear most about their future. With the black hole of leadership in the top spot in Washington it’s hard to imagine that Obama wouldn’t leave them indentured servants to big government.

This will blow you away!

In 2013 Obamacare puts into effect a 3.8 percent national sales tax on all real estate transactions. It’s a ploy to steal billions from unsuspecting homeowners.

 Think about it. How can you add 30 to 40 million people to the health care system without someone having to pay for it? Obamacare is tax as ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court. This is also wealth distribution plain and simple.

Common sense will tell you this is going to cost you a lot of money on top of what you are already paying – think about it!

 Don’t vote for Obama.

Mark Starzyk,

Powers Lake